Training Academy

The Synergy Theater Training Academy provides world class education in the art of improvisation. Our classes are taught by Synergy Theater company members including Artistic Director Kenn Adams, author of the book How to Improvise a Full-Length Play: The Art of Spontaneous Theater.

"Kenn is an amazing teacher and inspirational leader with a contagious, resounding laugh that sets the tone for every session.  His classes are packed with fun and positive energy, all contained in a clear structure with well defined goals and dynamic learning by doing.  He is very supportive in encouraging participants to be spontaneous and take creative risks while still providing the gentle constructive coaching needed for improvement.  I've been a teacher for many years and have rarely come across someone of Kenn's caliber!"

   Jessica Notini
  Adjunct and Lecturer at Stanford, Berkeley, Hastings   and Mills

"I have had the great fortune to take several of Kenn's imrov classes and have found his teaching, coaching and mentoring to be exceptional. As a sales professional I have been able to use his teachings to create opportunities for communication driven from a positive framework. His ongoing coaching has helped me bring a more positive dynamic to every situation.
I highly recommend Kenn to anyone seeking a positive, funny and insightful coach or to anyone seeking direction in opening doors to their own creativity."

   Kim Fisher



 Day  Dates  Time  Class  Price  Status
 Sun  1/8 - 2/26  3 - 6 pm   Begin-termediate  $200.00  Registration Open Now 
 Sun  3/5 - 4/23  3 - 6 pm  Begin-termediate   $200.00  Registration Open Now
 Sun  5/7 - 6/25  3 - 6 pm   Begin-termediate  $200.00  Registration Open Now
 Sun  7/9 - 8/27   3 - 6 pm  Begin-termediate   $200.00   Registration Open Now
 Sun   9/10 - 11/19   3 - 6 pm  Begin-termediate  $200.00   Registration Open Now

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 Wed 4/12 - 6/7  7 - 9 pm  Begin-termediate   $229.00  Registration Open Now
 SUMMER 2017
 Wed  6/21 - 7/26  7 - 9 pm   Begin-termediate  $154.00  Registration Open Soon
 Wed   8/2 - 8/30   7 - 9 pm   Begin-termediate  $129.00  Registration Open Soon

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 Our patented "begin-termediate" improv class is perfect for everyone. We start with the  basics and quickly begin working at the top level of the class. We dive deep into  spontaneity, ensemble, character, scene structure, truthful emotions, and partner  connection. No matter what your current level of experience, you'll feel right at home,  learn new approaches, and be challenged artistically. Great for beginners, advanced  players and everybody in between. 

 Instructor: Kenn Adams
 Prerequisite: none
 # of classes: 8
 Maximum # of students: 16


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